Ontology Class - :Work

Parent class: :Entity




The wrk:Work resource models the descriptive metadata about a \"book\" in the BUDAverse. The legacy model split the descriptive metadata between Works and Pubinfos ( predominantly publication data). Thisr ontology merges the Work and Pubinfo items under the wrk:Work resource so there is no hasPubinfo property. The Works also included some structural metadata in the volumeMap but that is moved to the vol:Volumes resource in this ontology.@en

Note that @distribution and @restriction are not used and not migrated. They have been replaced by @license and access.@en

NB: The definition of in work.xsd is incorrect since it allows unbounded use of . It should have been spec'd as only 1 occurrence. Hence in the ontology the wrk:info properties have domain wrk:Work rather than introducing an anon class@en

►Object properties:

workHasItem: ○ Label: workHasItem ○ Range: Item
workLangScript: ○ Label: work language+script ○ Range: LangScript
workHasSite: ○ Label: has site ○ Range: WorkSite
workReproductionOf: ○ Label: reproduction of ○ Range: Work
workType: ○ Label: has type ○ Range: WorkType
workHasDerivative: ○ Label: has derivative ○ Range: Work
workHasTranslation: ○ Label: has translation ○ Range: Work
workHasReproduction: ○ Label: has reproduction ○ Range: Work
workPartOf: ○ Label: part of ○ Range: Work
workCreator: ○ Label: has creator ○ Range: Person
workExpressionOf: ○ Label: expression of ○ Range: Work
identifiedBy: ○ Label: identifiedBy ○ Range: Identifier
workHasSourcePrintery: ○ Label: workHasSourcePrintery ○ Range: Place
workHasPart: ○ Label: has part ○ Range: Work
workTitle: ○ Label: has title ○ Range: WorkTitle
workHasExpression: ○ Label: has expression ○ Range: Work
workDerivativeOf: ○ Label: derivative of ○ Range: Work
workTranslationOf: ○ Label: translation of ○ Range: Work
workGenre: ○ Label: has genre ○ Range: Topic
workNumberOf: ○ Label: number of ○ Range: Work
workPartType: ○ Label: part type ○ Range: WorkPartType

►Datatype properties:

workSeriesNumber: ○ Label: number ○ Range: string
workSeriesName: ○ Label: series name ○ Range: langString
workSeeHarvard: ○ Label: see Harvard ○ Range: string
workBiblioNote: ○ Label: bibliographic note ○ Range: langString
workSideBoxTitle: ○ Label: a short abbreviated title typically occuring in the left side box of the recto textbox ○ Range: langString
workPublisherDate: ○ Label: publisher date ○ Range: string
workIncipit: ○ Label: incipit ○ Range: langString
workCatalogInfo: ○ Label: catalog info ○ Range: langString
workPublisherName: ○ Label: publisher name ○ Range: langString
workHollis: ○ Label: hollis id ○ Range: string
workEncoding: ○ Label: encoding ○ Range: string
workIsbn: ○ Label: has ISBN ○ Range: ISBN
workExtentStatement: ○ Label: extent statement ○ Range: string
workSourcePrintery_string: ○ Label: source printery ○ Range: string
workScanInfo: ○ Label: scan info ○ Range: langString
workIsNumbered: ○ Label: is numbered ○ Range: boolean
workLccn: ○ Label: has LCCN ○ Range: LCCN
workIllustrations: ○ Label: illustrations ○ Range: string
workPartIndex: ○ Label: part index ○ Range: integer
workSeriesContent: ○ Label: series content ○ Range: langString
workEditionStatement: ○ Label: edition statement ○ Range: langString
workBiblioStatus: ○ Label: bibliographic status statement ○ Range: langString
workPublisherLocation: ○ Label: publisher location ○ Range: langString
workDateOfWriting: ○ Label: date of writing ○ Range: string
workDimensions: ○ Label: physical dimensions ○ Range: string
workPartLabel: ○ Label: part label ○ Range: langString
workSideBoxSequenceId: ○ Label: side box sequence id ○ Range: langString
workPrintery: ○ Label: printery ○ Range: langString
workSourceNote: ○ Label: source note ○ Range: langString
workAuthorshipStatement: ○ Label: authorship ○ Range: langString
workLocationStatement: ○ Label: location statement ○ Range: string
workErrata: ○ Label: errata ○ Range: langString
workContainsChapters: ○ Label: chapters contained ○ Range: string
workPL480: ○ Label: pl480 ○ Range: string
workCompletionDate: ○ Label: completion date ○ Range: string
workLcCallNumber: ○ Label: has LC Call Number ○ Range: LCCallNumber
workColophon: ○ Label: colophon ○ Range: null

►Annotation properties:

outline: ○ Label: had outline ○ Range: Outline
workVolumesNote: ○ Label: volumes note ○ Range: string
outlineName: ○ Label: tbr outline name ○ Range: string
work_desc_date: ○ Label: date from description ○ Range: string
workInProduct: ○ Label: in product ○ Range: Product

►Symmetric properties:

workIsSimilarTo: ○ Label: similar to ○ Range: Work

►Irreflexive properties:

No irreflexive properties found.

►Functional properties:

No functional properties found.

►Class properties:

No class properties found.

►Other Properties:

rdfs:subClassOf :Entity

rdf:type owl:Class