Ontology Class - :Person

Parent class: :Entity




names are represented via bdo:PersonName@en

The Person object tracks biographical data such as kinship relations, birth and death dates, administrative offices and seats held, important events and known name variants. Instances of Person objects are not created for historical and quasi-historical personages, including legendary and mythical figures. Deities are defined as Topics.

►Object properties:

personOfSect: ○ Label: personOfSect ○ Range: Topic
personHasConsort: ○ Label: personHasConsort ○ Range: Person
isIncarnation: ○ Label: is incarnation ○ Range: null
personEvent: ○ Label: event ○ Range: PersonEvent
personStudentOf: ○ Label: personStudentOf ○ Range: Person
personGender: ○ Label: gender ○ Range: Gender

►Datatype properties:

personIsNonActor: ○ Label: non actor ○ Range: boolean

►Annotation properties:

No annotation properties found.

►Symmetric properties:

kinWith: ○ Label: kin with ○ Range: Person

►Irreflexive properties:

personName: ○ Label: has name ○ Range: PersonName

►Functional properties:

No functional properties found.

►Class properties:

No class properties found.

►Other Properties:

rdfs:subClassOf :Entity

rdf:type owl:Class