Ontology Class - :Lineage

Parent class: :Entity




Names are represented by rdfs:label@en

Lineages represent information about how a particular text or group of texts or perhaps purely oral transmission has been passed from one individual to another. The Tibetan genres, gsan yig and thob yig. Lineage transmissions capture the relationship between lineage holders, sets of texts and the places and dates where/when the lineage was transferred from one holder to another.@en

Example: bdr:L8LS15684 a :Lineage ; :status bdr:StatusReleased ; rdfs:label \"mngon rtogs rgyan gyi 'grel pa don gsal gyi brgyud pa/\"@bo-x-ewts ; :lineageType bdr:LineageLung ; :lineageObject bdr:W21662 ; :lineageObject bdr:T36 ; :lineageLocation [ a :WorkLocation ; :workLocationPage \"131\" ; :workLocationVolume \"1\" ; :workLocationWork bdr:W1KG16278 ] :lineageHolder [ a :LineageHolder ; :lineageWho bdr:T10MS11142 ] :lineageHolder [ a :LineageHolder ; :lineageWho bdr:T681 ; :lineageReceived [ a :LineageReceived ; :lineageFrom bdr:T10MS11142 ] ] :lineageHolder [ a :LineageHolder ; :lineageWho bdr:P6117 ; :lineageReceived [ a :LineageReceived ; :lineageFrom bdr:T681 ] ]@en

►Object properties:

lineageObject: ○ Label: transmits ○ Range: Entity
lineageRef: ○ Label: alternative lineage ○ Range: Lineage
workLocation: ○ Label: source text ○ Range: WorkLocation
lineageHolder: ○ Label: has holder ○ Range: LineageHolder

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►Symmetric properties:

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►Irreflexive properties:

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►Functional properties:

lineageType: ○ Label: lineage type ○ Range: LineageType

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►Other Properties:

rdfs:seeAlso https://link.springer.com/article/10.1023%2FA%3A1004844115222?LI=true

rdfs:subClassOf :Entity

rdf:type owl:Class